The Inextricable Bond Between The Breitling Mechanical Chronograph Series And The Italian Air Force ‘tricolor Arrow’ Aerobatic Flight Performance Team

The inseparable bond between the Breitling Mechanical Chronograph series and the Italian Air Force ‘Tricolor Arrows’ aerobatic flight performance team Tricolori met at Rivolto Air Force Base in Italy and re-established a long-term relationship. At this meeting, Breitling released the all-new ultimate chronograph watch (Chronomat 44), which uses the team’s iconic tri-color in appearance, and the same limited edition watch was also released at the same time.
   Among Breitling’s many outstanding partners, the Italian Air Force aerobatic team, the three-color arrow, has irreplaceable significance for Breitling. In 1983, the ‘Three Arrows’ flight team selected Breitling as the official watch with the wingspan flying letter ‘B’ as its logo. During the design and creation process, Breitling worked closely with the flight crew to design a true aviation chronograph watch. A year later, in 1984, a Breitling mechanical chronograph series with extraordinary functionality, original design and style finally came out, and quickly became Breitling’s flagship model. Recently, classics have been reinterpreted.

   Almost 30 years later, Breitling and the Italian Air Force’s ‘Three-Arrow’ aerobatic demonstration team continued their leading edge. This time, Breitling has tailor-made the Breitling Ultimate Chronograph (Chronomat 44), which has the representative color of the fleet, for this elite flight performance team. In addition, in order to meet the needs of high-altitude flight and aviation enthusiasts, Breitling also launched a special series of the same ultimate chronograph watch, limited to 1,000 pieces. The black dial (continued from the classic design of 1983) and the silver cumulative timer with red hands are even more striking against the 12 o’clock flight team logo. The logo consists of three arrows of the Italian flag colors red, white and green, and the words ‘P.A.N. frecce tricolori’ are engraved underneath (P.A.N. means ‘National Aerobatic Team’, Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale). The bottom of the table is engraved with the outlines of ten performance team aircraft made by Maki. An extremely sturdy stainless steel case with a black rubber die-cut digital bezel, featuring a satin-brushed top and a finely polished outer edge. The watch is water resistant to 500 meters (1,650 feet). The ultimate chronograph is equipped with Breitling’s 100% self-made high-performance 01 movement, which has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), which guarantees its precise timing, ruggedness and extraordinary performance. The ultimate chronograph has multiple straps to choose from, most notably a new black rubber strap engraved with the Breitling classic brand logo.
   At a special event at Udine Air Force Base in northeastern Italy, Breitling made a special debut of the Breitling Ultimate Chronograph (Chronomat 44) and its limited edition for the Italian Air Force’s ‘Three Arrows’ aerobatic flight demonstration team. The pilots of the Tricolor Arrows, Breitling guests, members of the Italian military, celebrities and politicians, and key representatives from the Italian media witnessed this extraordinary moment.