The Years Without Regrets: Blancpain’s Classic Full-calendar Moon Phase Watch

The ultimate ideal of ‘the creator of classic timepieces’ is to present and even shape the cognition of time with a watch. Blancpain’s brilliance is attributed to its insistence on digging the connotation of time as the starting point, through the exploration and release of mechanical aesthetics, and finally returning to the wearer’s position. Blancpain’s full-calendar moon phase is exactly the embodiment of this idea, and it has become the ‘most classic moon phase watch’.

Blancpain Villeret Moon Phase Watch
   Moon phases, ancient times. It used to appear on various timepieces either as a single function or in combination with single and double calendars. It wasn’t until Blancpain creatively combined it with the tri-calendar that the moonphase watch really gained internal, systematic life. Because in the current universal timing system, the moon itself is the decisive force. Based on its operation, the three concepts and units of the week, month, and day have been formed to help us distinguish and master time.

   Therefore, the moon phase is the trader behind the ‘time’. The time is derived from the running of the sun and the moon. Without the sun and the moon, there is no time. Blancpain believes that when the moon phase appears on the dial, the three calendars should be in charge, and one can only be called the most classic moon phase watch. In the quartz storm of the 1980s, Blancpain became the first brand to combine the full calendar with the moon phase in modern times, and the full calendar moon phase was also considered by future generations to guide the traditional mechanical watchmaking industry, highlighting the encirclement banner. The Blancpain moon phase watch is not only a classic moon phase, but also contains industry sentiment.
   The hidden way is a wonderful expectation: the time on the wrist is complete, the details of the craftsmanship are perfect, and the years of life have no regrets.
Both a classic moon phase and a classic Blancpain
   Understand the position of the moon in ‘time’, so as to fully express the basic timing system-Blancpain full-calendar moon phase watch, first of all, conceptually establish what is a classic moon phase.
   Any classic is the perfect parallel of concept and skill; any classic is a masterpiece of the creator’s style. Blancpain full-calendar moon phase watch has the brand’s most iconic aesthetic-elegant and harmonious. If you choose a watch with a moon phase function, most buyers will choose Blancpain moon phase because it has a pure connotation and status, and it also includes a brand’s most popular and signature aesthetic elements :
   -Round double-layer bezel: round, three-dimensional, smart
   -Willow needles: slender; subtle radians in one go; precise hollowing for lighter weight
   -Snake-shaped blue steel hands: just the right, meandering wind; fresh blue
   -Roman numeral scale: the solid texture of precious metal; complemented by an elegant waist design
   -Lugs: simple and clean, ensuring the integrity of the case; hidden under the brand’s original adjuster
   -Handle: elegant appearance; clear gear feel, smooth operation

Double bezel

Willow pointer

Snake blue steel hands

Roman numeral scale


Turn head
Master of dial layout
   How to deal with the moon phase, the month, the day of the week, the date, the time, the pointer, and many other elements, how to deal with everything without clutter, and how to make it accessible at a glance, Blancpain can be described as innocent.

   Taking 6654 as an example, the double-layered bezel and the date circle of the Arabic numerals form a soft structure of concentric circles. Between them, a three-dimensional time-point scale made of precious metal is set and distinguished by Roman numerals.
   The date circle is slightly sunken to form an interlayer. Inside it, the brand logo and the sunken, left and right month and week windows are located in the upper semicircle, and the moon phase windows occupy the same area in the lower semicircle. Moon phase face with a variety of vivid expressions to choose from.

   The pointer best reflects the climate of Blancpain. The hour and minute hands are already slim, but they are hollowed out to make them lighter and lighter; the second hand is the thinnest and the longest, and if it is thin, the end is marked with ‘JB’ to prevent it from being too light. One release and one close, there are some differences. The top of a snake-shaped blue-steel pointer is treated with ‘curved arcs’ and fits just inside the date circle.
   The entire plate is memorable due to its harmony and legitimacy, providing a pleasing, efficient and convenient reading time.
Invisible and visible details
   In addition to perfectly showing the luster of the visible parts such as the case, buckle, and scale, for Blancpain, meticulous sanding will also occur inside, and even more attention is paid to those ‘invisible places’.

   The grinding of internal parts will affect the accuracy, durability and stability of the watch. The polishing of Blancpain’s movement fully reflects the brand’s excellence. Watchmakers have carefully polished the inner and outer corners and inner and outer edges of each tiny part without exception, and extremely complicated chamfers can be seen in many places. The chamfering process is very particular about the strength of the craftsman. Excessive force will cause deformation of the part, and insufficient strength will cause the angle to be inconspicuous and unclear.

   Blancpain’s movement polishing is no longer limited to functional requirements, but has risen to self-requirements close to art. The highly creative and beautiful movement pattern is polished. A sophisticated coat is worn on the sophisticated movement. Through the sapphire back, you can see the brilliant light of the guilloche pattern.
Original technology: practical and humane
   Based on the practicality of watch wearers, Blancpain’s watchmakers have developed a unique functional design through imagination, research and development, fine-tuning and patent application.

   -Hidden adjustment device: In order to better present the simple aesthetics, Blancpain invented the invention of hiding the adjuster under the lugs to achieve the watch’s clean and rounded line shape. The wearer does not need professional tools, and only needs to lightly touch the fingertip to complete the adjustment process.

   -Movement safety protection device: In the past, the fast-adjusting calendar function should be avoided as much as possible from 9 pm to 3 am the next day, because the watch’s calendar mechanism is operating at this time, and the adjustment is likely to damage the movement at this time. Blancpain’s safety adjustment and protection system can lock the fast adjustment function during this period, even if it is mistakenly operated, it will not cause any damage to the movement.
   -Extra-long power: In order to facilitate the use of the wearer, Blancpain has been working hard to extend the power of the moon phase watch. It is the first brand to realize long-term power on the full-calendar moon phase function. Such as 6263, for the first time equipped with dual barrels of 100 hours of power; 6639 power reserve reached 8 days. In terms of power, Blancpain has always been at the highest level in the industry, highlighting humane considerations.
Family, history
   Blancpain has the most complete moon phase product line among the top brands, with more than 60 moon phase styles. In the whole series, it is divided into three categories: classic full-calendar moon phases, women’s moon phases, and complex moon phases. The powerful lineup illustrates the continuous force and advancement of Blancpain on the moon phase watch, which is undoubtedly a major argument for moon phase to choose Blancpain.
   In addition, Blancpain’s relationship with the moon phase has to be mentioned. In the 1970s, the quartz storm swept through Switzerland, and major brands have reduced the cost and increased production by using cheap, mass-produced quartz movements. As with any change in the world, there is always a countercurrent. Blancpain believes that mechanical watches are irreplaceable.
   This ‘irreplaceable’ belief prompted Blancpain to ask, what is the origin and glory of the mechanical timepiece? In 1983, Blancpain discovered that the moon phase played a pivotal role in the development of timepieces. The birth of full-calendar moon-phase watches has made the world realize the enduring charm of mechanical watches and provided a revival of faith and ideas for the traditional watchmaking industry. The appearance of full-calendar moon phases has opened a new era of moon phase watches, and has become a classic for people to master time.

Blancpain moon phase profit and loss watch-Cal.6395 full calendar month camera core
Years without regrets
   Complete time concept, flawless craft details, proper practical settings, rich and complete family, deep and touching origins-all these make Blancpain full-calendar moon phase watch the most deserved most classic moon phase. Such a wrist watch embodies the vision of years without regrets.

   -If there is a surprise, a decision, a success at this moment … Raising my wrist, I will write down the moment of remembrance and aftertaste …
   -Any plan contains the dimension of time. Maybe a year, maybe a season, or a month, a week, raising my wrist, I will understand, at what stage, how to adjust the pace of realization …
   -Time keeps pace, the universe is running. On the dial, seeing the moon’s face at any time and imagining the movement of the celestial body is a reminder to put the individual in a more grand context, and place it in the heavens and the earth. Let’s come, let’s go …