This Moment Creates The Next Moment Tissot Is The Official Timer Partner Of The Fiba ​​three-on-three Basketball Game

[May 15, Switzerland] Recently, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot have jointly announced that they will focus on the FIBA ​​3×3 basketball game (FIBA 3×3). Launch new cooperation. Tissot will serve as the official designated timer partner for FIBA ​​3×3 events, provide official designated watches and scoring systems in all FIBA ​​3×3 international competitions, and will further assist FIBA ​​in developing its network platform. As one of the most popular urban street sports events in the world today, the 3×3 basketball game has been widely recognized and will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Six medals will be produced by that time. As the most important partner of FIBA, Tissot is proud to promote the development of this sport and work with you to make the games you love more exciting!

   According to the agreement, Tissot will continue to provide digital communication support for the FIBA ​​International League and launch a variety of digital service functions on the new media platform. The ‘Whistleball Highlights’ show fans the wonderful moments of scoring in the FIBA ​​3×3 game; the ‘Decision Moments’ highlights the most exciting one-minute win of the season; at the same time, the ‘Fast Speed’ highlights are added to present the most comprehensive Strong team. Tissot will also launch a cooperative sports watch for FIBA ​​3×3 and provide prizes for outstanding players, teams and avid fans emerging from the event. Tissot has a wide range of cooperation with FIBA ​​3×3, including all national team events of all levels and age groups, Olympic qualifiers and FIBA ​​3×3 World Tour.
   Mr. Patrick Baumann, Secretary-General of FIBA ​​and member of the International Olympic Committee, said: ‘FIBA and Tissot have established a very successful partnership in the past ten years. Tissot is not only a partner, but also FIBA Family. Long-term cooperation gives us reason to believe that Tissot watches as an ideal partner can help promote the development of 3×3 basketball games. ‘
   François Thiébaud, Global President of Tissot, said: ‘We are very pleased to further expand our cooperation with FIBA ​​and continue to promote the FIBA ​​3×3 event. This innovative event is full of vigor and vitality, and can be carried out anywhere This case is a good example of how sports can develop a new audience. The 3×3 basketball event has been officially accepted as one of the events of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and we hope it will become more and more popular. The 3×3 event is extremely rhythmic Fast, energetic and precise, players need to constantly race against time to win the game, which fits perfectly with the sporting spirit of Tissot. ‘
About FIBA ​​3×3 events
   3×3 basketball comes from a variety of street basketballs around the world. This tournament is full of passion and innovation, suitable for being held in the city, and is widely regarded as the premier urban team sports event. Under the arrangement of FIBA, three players from each of the two teams played against each other in the same match. The 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games marked the first time a 3×3 basketball was successfully held in an international competition. Since then, the city-based, annual World Tour ( and the national team World Championships have greatly promoted the development of the event. On June 9, 2017, the 3×3 basketball tournament officially joined the Olympic family and will be unveiled at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. For more information on 3×3 events, visit website, or check FIBA ​​3×3’s Facebook, Instagram, Sina Weibo, Tencent, Twitter, Youku and video websites.