Vacheron Constantin Ultra-thin Watch

In 2010, Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Historiques’ historical masterpiece series added a new member, two watches inspired by the brand’s works from the 1950s and 1960s, with a contemporary flavor to reshape the original works The essence of the two ultra-thin watches that caused a sensation at the time.

‘Historique 1955 ultra-thin watch’ re-interprets the ultra-thin style of the wrist in 1955, with a thickness of only 4.10 mm, which is currently the world’s thinnest watch.

In addition, Vacheron Constantin started research and development in 1966, and the popular 1120 movement, which was put into use in 1967, is used in the new ‘Historique 1968 ultra-thin watch’.

These two watches are new members of Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Historiques’ historical masterpiece series. ‘Historiques’ historical masterpiece series is a watch series that specifically re-emerges those designs and movements that represent Vacheron Constantin’s most glorious moment.

& ldquo; Historiques & rdquo; The watch series of historical masterpieces is specially designed for watch collectors, connoisseurs and enthusiasts who love high-quality and elegant tastes and love arts. Representative works of this series include Chronom & egrave; tre Royal 1907, which was launched in 2007 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the original design, and Historique American 1921 model, which was re-interpreted in 2008, and has a fun design. Won the ‘Watch of the Year Award’.