Zhenith Launches Chronomaster El Primero C.01 Limited Edition Watch

Zhenith Zenith announced that it has cooperated with the Collective of Silicon Valley Collective Club to launch the ChronomasterElPrimero C.01 limited edition watch.

   On the 50th anniversary of the legendary ElPrimero movement, Zenith teamed up with Collective to create a Chronomaster ElPrimero C.01 limited edition watch for club members. The club is made up of creatives, executives, and producers, many of whom are technical experts who live in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), Silicon Lane (New York City), and Silicon Beach (Los Angeles). Some watch collectors want to share company resources, and they love Tongqing Watchmaking. Collective is based on this concept. The club’s passion for watchmaking heritage makes Zenith Zenith a partner in ideas.

   Collective founders GabeReilly and AsherRapkin have always been fond of ElPrimero watches, so they chose to use this as a starting point. In order to create this unique timepiece, the club worked closely with Zenith’s Swiss design team and established the Bay Area Jeweler TopperJewelers to take the lead in focusing on dial design.

   In Silicon Valley, simplicity and practicality are key elements of quality product design, and they want to use the same aesthetics and methods for C.01. Although the iconic sub-dial structure remains true to the original, the design approach is quite different. The entire dial is finished in matte white, complemented by subtle, clear and even gray tones. To ensure the best balance, the date window has been removed and the classic red chronograph hands have also been replaced by this watch’s unique rhodium-plated hands.

   At the same time, in order to meet the desire to make watches into tools, team members adhere to modern design principles and put functionality first. The 38mm case is alternately retouched with brushed satin and polished, paired with the watch’s unique brushed satin buttons. Through the case back, you can admire the exquisite ElPrimero movement. In addition, the case back is engraved with the ‘XX / 50’ limited number and ‘C.01’ to celebrate the release of the Collective exclusive watch.

   Finally, the strap. Most Chronomasters watches have leather straps with adjustable buckles, but Collective wants to carry the ‘tool watch’ aesthetics to the end. Therefore, every Chronomaster ElPrimero C.01 limited edition watch is paired with a custom Cordura strap to make it more industrial. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)